30 Study Guides For English literature Students from Sparknotes

1.  Kidnapped  by  Robert Louis Stevenson - SparkNotes

2.  The Killer Angels  by Michael Shaara - SparkNotes

3.  Kindred by Octavia Estelle Butler- SparkNotes

4.  King John  by William shakespeare - SparkNotes

5.  King Lear  by William Shakespaere - SparkNotes

6.  The King Must Die  by  Mary Renault- SparkNotes

7.  The Kitchen God's Wife  by Amy tan  - SparkNotes

8.  The Kite Runner  by   Khaled Hosseini- SparkNotes

9.  Krik_ Krak!  by  Edwidge Danticat - SparkNotes

10.  Lady Chatterley's Lover  by  D. H. Lawrence - SparkNotes

11.  The Land    by   Mildred Taylor- SparkNotes

12.  The Last of the Mohicans   by  James Fenimore Cooper - SparkNotes

13.  Legs  by  William Kennedy - SparkNotes

14.  A  Lesson Before Dying   by   Earnest J. Gaines- SparkNotes

15.  The Libation Bearers   by  Aeschylus  - SparkNotes

16.  Lieutenant Nun   by  Catalina De Earauso  - SparkNotes

17.  Life of Pi  by  Yann Martel - SparkNotes

18.  Light in August  by   William Faulkner - SparkNotes

19.  The Light in the Forest  by  Conrad Michael Richter - SparkNotes

20.  Like Water for Chocolate  by  Laura Esquivel- SparkNotes

21.  The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe   by  Clive Staples Lewis - SparkNotes

22.  The Little Prince  by   Antoine de St. Exupery - SparkNotes

23.  Little Women  by  Louisa May alcott- SparkNotes

24.  Lolita  by  Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabocov - SparkNotes

25.  Long Day's Journey into Night   by  Eugene O'neils - SparkNotes

26.  Looking Backward  by  Edward Ballamy - SparkNotes

27.  Lord Jim   by  Joseph Conrad - SparkNotes

28.  Lord of the Flies  by  William Golding - SparkNotes

29.  Lottery, The   by  Shirley Jackson- SparkNotes

30.  Love in the Time of Cholera   by  Gabriel Garcia Marquez- SparkNotes

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