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Astronomy with a Home Computer (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)

Publisher :   Springer 
Pages  :   208 
File Type : Pdf 
Contents   :  1 Introduction  . 2 Modern Amateur Astronomy and the Internet  . . 3 Planetarium Programs and Other Astronomical Software  . . 4 Buying a Go-To Telescope . 5 Using and Enjoying Your Telescope  .6 Webcam and Digital Camera Astrophotography  .

Complete Guide to Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs 2014

Revised and Updated by Stephen W. Moore, M.D.
Technical Consultants:
Kevin Boesen, Pharm.D.
Cindy Boesen, Pharm.D.
Over 6000 Brand Names
 File Type : Epub     Contents : 
Drugs and You, Guide to Drug Charts, Checklist for Safer Drug Use,Compliance with Doctors’ Instructions
Cough and Cold Medicines,Pregnancy Risk Category Information, Buying Prescription Drugs Online, Information about Substances of Abuse, Medical Conditions and Their ,Commonly Used Drugs
Drug Charts (Alphabetized by drug generic name or drug class name), Generic and Brand Name Directory
Additional Drug Interactions, Glossary
Index (Generic names, brand names and class names)
Emergency Guide for Overdose Victims, Emergency Guide for Anaphylaxis Victims
Dentist's Guide to Medical Conditions, Medications and Complications  

Second Edition
Writer :  Kanchan M. Ganda, M.D
pages :  792
Contents :  Patient Assessment, Pharmacology,  Acute Care and Stress Management,  Hematopoietic System,  Hemostasis and Associated Bleeding Disorders,  Cardiology and Renal Disease,  Pulmonary Diseases,  Clinical Pharmacology,  Endocrinology,  Seizure Disorders,  Gastrointestinal Conditions and Diseases,  Hepatology,  Postexposure Prevention and Prophylaxis,  Infectious Diseases,  Oral Lesions and Dentistry,  The Female Patient: Pregnancy, Lactation, and Contraception ,  Rheumatology: Diseases of the Joints, Bones, and Muscles,   Oncology: Head and Neck Cancers, Leukemias, Lymphomas, and Multiple Myeloma,  Psychiatry,  Transplants,  Common Laboratory Tests

Embroidery Basics - A Needle Knowledge Book
Writer :  Cheryl Fall
Pages : 118
 File  Type :  Epub 
Contents  :  

Preface, Supplies and Tools, Essential Techniques, Embroidery Stitches, Embroidery Projects ,Surface Embroidery Projects ,Tutti-Frutti Three-Piece Kitchen Towel Set, Martini Cocktail Napkins,  Embroidered Bag with Shisha Mirrors,, Summer Lavender Two-Piece Pillowcase Set, Chain Stitch Blossoms Pillow Top, Alphabet Sampler in Surface Stitches with Matching Needle Case, Freestyle Embroidered Purse, Monogram with Padded Satin Stitch, Owl Pincushion, Owl Tablet Cover,Happy Halloween Framed Redwork,
Counted-Thread Embroidery Projects, Italian Cross-Stitch Sampler with Pin Roll and Scissor Fob, Assisi-Style Tissue Holder, Drawn Thread Square Doily, Flower Basket Journal, Cross-Stitch Snowflake Ornaments, Blackwork Mini-Sampler
Finishing Touches
Color Conversion and Metric Equivalent Charts

 Foundations of Space and Time - Reflections on Quantum Gravity

Cambridge University Press
 Pages : 451
File Type  :  pdf 
Contents  :   The problem with quantum gravity,  A dialogue on the nature of gravity,  Effective theories and modifications of gravity,  The small-scale structure of spacetime,  Ultraviolet divergences in supersymmetric theories,  Cosmological quantum billiards,  Progress in RNS string theory and pure spinors,  Recent trends in superstring phenomenology,  Emergent spacetime,  Loop quantum gravity,  Loop quantum gravity and cosmology,  The microscopic dynamics of quantum space as a group field theory,  Causal dynamical triangulations and the quest for quantum gravity,  Proper time is stochastic time in 2D quantum gravity,  Logic is to the quantum as geometry is to gravity,  Causal sets: discreteness without symmetry breaking,  The Big Bang, quantum gravity and black-hole information loss,  Conversations in string theory,  References,

Hand-Crafted Candy Bars - From-Scratch, All-Natural, Gloriously Grown-Up Confections
Susie Norris & Susan Heeger
Photographs by Joseph De Leo

 Chronicle Books , San Francisco
 File Type : 259 
file Type :  Epub
Contents :  Candy-Bar Elements, Ingredients, and Tools,
What Is a Candy Bar—and What Should Be in It? The Sweet Life: Then and Now,  The Artisan Option

Candy-Bar Toolbox
A Fresh Take on a Candy Classic 
Chocolate & Nuts Inside & Out Over the Moon Crispy Cookie Crunch, Cocoa-Nib Caramel Cookie Sticks White-Chocolate Cookies & Crunch Bars, Dark Chocolate—Dipped Almond Coconut Bars Molten-Chocolate Peanut Bars, Egyptian Nougat Bars
Nut ’n’ Nougat Bars Chocolate Nougat Cups
PB & Chocolate Cups, Milk-Chocolate Cup-of-Fluffs
Melty Chocolate Minties, Chocolate Butter-Toffee Snaps
Caramel Pecan Tortoises, A Few Delicious Extras 
Chewy Caramel Bites, Crunchy Chocolate Mint Buttons
Chocolate Taffy, Chocolate Scallops
Raisins in the Dark, Corn Candy, Healthier, Spicier, Sexier 
Basic Mixed-Nut Bark, Candied Mint & Citrus Zest Bark
Chipotle Chocolate Coins, Classic Dark-Chocolate Truffles
Green-Tea Truffles, Tarragon & Wasabi Bars
Black & Pink Pepper-Caramel Cookie Bars, Orange-Chocolate Cookie Crunch Bars
Maple-Nut Logs,  Rocky Road,  Choc-o-Nilla Nougat
Tart Cherry Jungle,  Chocolate-Dipped Stawberries
Hazelnut Strawberry Jams, Fundamental Recipes and Techniques 
Soft Chocolate Nougat, Soft Vanilla Nougat
Marzipan  ,Fondant, Basic-Batch Caramel, Dark-Chocolate Caramel, Milk-Chocolate Caramel, Hard Caramel, Nutty Toffee, No-Fail Chocolate Fudge, Old-Fashioned Chocolate Fudge , Vanilla-Bean Fudge, Milk-Chocolate Ganache , Strawberry Jam, Chocolate Sugar Cookies
Very-Vanilla Sugar Cookies, Brown Sugar–Crisps
Tempered Dark Chocolate, Tempered Milk Chocolate, Tempered White Chocolate , Dressing Bars for Dessert, Dark-Chocolate Flowers, Candied Mint Leaves, Candied Citrus
Simple Syrup, Easy Vanilla Buttercream, Easy Chocolate Buttercream, Caramel Sauce
Orange-Brandy Caramel Sauce, Raspberry Sauce, Vanilla-Bean Sauce

How to Benefit from Everyday Herbs

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski   
File Type : pdf 
Pages :  167
Table of Contents
Foreword By Pat Bratianu, Author

Foreword By Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

The Fun Herbal Basics

1. The Nervous System

2. The Circulatory System

3. The Digestive System

4. The Integumentary System

5. The Respiratory System

6. The Immune System

7. The Kidneys and Urinary System

8. The Male Reproductive System

9. The Female Reproductive System

10. Herbs for Children

11. Herbs for Longevity

12. Advanced Herbal Medicine Making: How to Make an Herbal Tincture

13. Now Get Started!

Learning What to Ignore - Connecting Multidiscipline Content and Process

Shirley  R. Steinberg St, University of Calgary, Canada

Founding Editor:    Joe L. Kincheloe (1950  2008) The Paulo and Nita Freire International                                                         Project for Critical Pedagogy  Critical Pedagogy            
Jon Austin,  University of Southern Queensland, Australia and others
Pages :  144
File Type :  pdf
Contents :
Chapter 1.  MINDICIDE ....    Natural Learning and Emergent Systems .....Value Difference .....    Certainty and Uncertainty ..... Chapter 2.  STRUCTURE and STRUCTURING ....    Context .....    Integrating Integrations .....    Concept Formation .... Chapter 3  WISDOM and FREEDOM .......    Research on Wisdom .....    Wisdom and Trust.... Chapter 4.  MISTAKES and THEIR ORIGIN ....    Encouraging Students to Transform ....    Change and Rapidity of Change ......The (A) Meaning of Learning and Knowing .....    Ignoring and Learning ..... Chapter 5.  KAPLEARNING AS A WAY .....    Kaplearning and Wisdom .....    Kaplearning and Abstractions .....    What Can't Be Said? ....    More Kaplan .....    Attempts to Explain Kaplearning ....    Steve Jobs and Kaplearning/Zen  Chapter 6  KAPLEARNING AND AWARENESS  Chapter 7  PRE-EPILOGUE .. Mental Stems . CONTENTS

  Major Principles of Media Law (2014 Edition)

 Genelle Belmas
California State University, Fullerton
wayne overbeck
California State University, Fullerton
Member of the California Bar

Pages : 677
 file type  :   pdf  

Contents  :   The American Legal System , The Legacy of Freedom ,  Modern Prior Restraints ,  Libel and Slander ,  The Right of Privacy ,  Copyrights and Trademarks, Fair Trial-Free Press Conflicts  ,Newsgatherer’s Privilege  ,  Freedom of Information ,  Obscenity and the Law ,  Regulation of Electronic Media , Media Ownership Issues ,  Advertising and the Law ,  Freedom of the Student Press

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